Document resources

The Musée des Confluences has rich and varied document resources, which have been developed in parallel with the institution's collections, exhibitions and main cultural and scientific activities. Today, the development of document resources is based on the museum's missions and the needs of its different audiences.

Closely linked to the growth of the museum's collections and scientific functions, the library houses a valuable heritage collection covering three main areas: natural history, ethnology and travel and expeditions. The library continues to be enriched on an ongoing basis with the acquisition of recent books and periodicals on the museum's main fields of investigation.

The photographic collection, which includes both physical and digital media, is also a document collection and a heritage collection. The range of themes represented is particularly wide, encompassing both the humanities and the natural sciences. The photo library is constantly growing, both through donations of images and through photographs taken.

The Musée des Confluences also stores archives related to the collections. Like the documentation relating to the collections, the archives play a major role in deepening our knowledge of the objects. The museum also produces administrative archives and documentation relating to all its activities.

The document resources can be consulted on site and by appointment, subject to the disclosure and availability conditions of the documents. For all consultation requests, please write to, including your contact details and the subject of your request.